Tuesday, May 25, 2010

EZ Glazed Nuts

Glazed, candied, and honeyed nuts are a delicious and ultra healthy pantry staple. A perfect way to dress up a salad, awesome added to yogurt, mix with cooked grains, especiaaly toasted rolled oats for instant gourmet Om Granola, or as a fab stand alone snack.
Pricey, and often made with corn syrup, when purchased commercially, but ultra EZ to make yourself.
Glazed nuts can be made with multiple ingredients, and multiple steps.
Shown here are glazed nuts at their quickest, simplest, and only slightly sweet.

Begin by toasting nuts on low heat for aprox 5 minutes.

Any combination of nuts and seeds can be used.

Shown: chopped almonds, walnuts,
pecans, and poppy seed

Remove toasted nuts from saute pan.
Add 1 TB of sugar per cup of nuts.
Allow sugar to melt,
aprox 4 minutes on low to medium heat

Sea salt can be added at this stage, as well as citrus zest (shown), fresh ginger zest (shown), ground Cinnamon, Vanilla bean or extract, , cardamom, or any herb, spice or extract.

When sugar is melted,
add 1TB of honey and 2TB of water,
cook 1 minute

Add nuts to bubbling sugar/honey syrup,
turn off heat,
and stir to coat nuts thoroughly.

Allow to cool, and store in a covered container.
Glass canning jars or perfect, but last weeks pasta sauce jar works equally well.

All nuts shown here are available at the Resnik family owned and operated for over 50 years,   
Somis Nut House.
An excellent source of nuts, dried fruit and edible seeds...
mail order is available, but a day trip is more fun, and it's only about 90 minutes from Los Angeles
4475 Los Angeles Ave.  
Somis CA 93066 
Phone: (805)386-1211            Toll Free: (800)266-6887

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Brad said...

Wow, that is easy, and I like that it's vegan. The only recipes I know for glazed nuts include egg whites.