Sunday, May 2, 2010

Traditional Sunday Dinner, Roast Rib Of Beef

Roast Beast is simple, easy and absolutely delicious to any carnivore with these simple steps.
The most important step with any recipe or cooking instructions (or any instructions for that matter), is to read through them two or three times

Purchase USDA Prime if possible, found at your better meat markets such as Huntington Meat Market *(323- 938-5383),  
and if you have no other choice- Costco. 
 Much of the beef available at Huntington Meats is from Harris Ranch,
Buying from Dan and Jim at Huntington Meats gives you an excellent excuse to go to the Farmers Market
an authentic L.A. experience, this is the original farmers market started during the depression by two young, savvy guys trying to make a difference....and they did! Farmers markets can be found all over the U.S thanks to Roger Dahlhjelm and Fred Beck.
Or buy direct, the natural** healthier choice from the top chefs choice, Niman Ranch  or Snake River Farms.
Purchase USDA Choice if necessary, available at Ralph's or any good supermarket.
 Downtown Los Angeles Ralph's at 645 West 9th St,  has an excellent meat department, and this location also carries USDA Prime Beef. 

A full prime rib roast consists of 7 ribs, and will weigh an easy 15 pounds. 
We are using a two rib roast here weighing just over 4 pounds it will need a little less than one hour in the oven. 

Remove roast from refrigeration allow to come to room temperature, one hour per pound is about right.
pat dry with paper towels.
Preheat oven 450
....if you do not have an oven thermometer go get one now, available at any decent grocery store....
skip the convection oven, an old school oven is best and reduces the risk of drying out the roast.
Apply 2 TB of butter to cut ends of roast, and a dry rub of fresh thyme, rosemary, fresh cracked pepper, and possibly a few whole garlic cloves for the pan.  
What about the salt? No salt, none, skip the salt for a truly juicy roast.
Place roast in a heavy roasting pan fat side up, ribs down, the ribs will act as a natural rack.
Insert meat thermometer in thickest part of roast not touching bone.

Place roast in 450 preheated oven
 don't open the oven door or feel the need to mess with the roast, trust your (excellent, high quality) meat thermometer to let you know when it's done. Do Not rely on the timer, trust your thermometer, and only the thermometer.

Roast at 450 for 15 minutes, reduce to 350 for remaining roasting time.
1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the estimated cooking time begin checking the meat thermometer, quickly baste the roast with the pan drippings while you are in there.....
Cooking time: Allow 12 minutes per pound for rare,  15 minutes for medium,  
and well done roast beef should simply not be done. 
Prime meats cook slightly faster than choice

When thermometer reaches 120 it's done, remove roast from oven,
yes, I said remove from oven...take it out! I promise you the roast will continue to cook while out of the oven, ultimately reaching a temp of  about 130 resulting in a perfect rare to medium rare  roast beast. 

Carefully remove roast from roasting pan to a serving dish, cover loosely with tin foil and  allow to rest for 20 minutes or even an hour.                             
Allowing meat to rest after cooking is critical, this step  allows the meat to finish cooking and guarantees juicer meats as well as a insuring rested and relaxed chef..

*Dan Vance's Huntington Meats (butcher shop) on 3rd in Los Angeles is not to be confused with the Huntington Meats ( meat packers, processors) of Montebelo. 
Huntington Meat Packers of Montebello experienced a massive beef recall for E. coli at the beginning of the year. Contamination and the necessary recalls are becoming more, and more common with the massive, commercialized meat packing plants...

** all Natural:
  • Humanely Raised on Sustainable U.S. Farms and Ranches
  • Never Given Antibiotics - Ever
  • Never Given Any Added Hormones - Ever
  • Fed All Vegetarian Feeds

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