Friday, May 27, 2011

Om Meals and Prep Kits May 2011

All ingredients for these dishes and many more are in your Om Chef Prep kit                                                                                  *****

Beef or Seitan stir fry
Beef, chicken or seitan
baby bok choy
steamed broccoli
Red peppers
sliced mushrooms

Heat wok or large saute pan on medium to high heat, add 2 tablespoons peanut oil. Cook sliced meat or seitan first for 2 minutes until cooked through, remove from pan. Quickly saute minced garlic and ginger, add baby bok choy and cook 1 minute and remove from pan. Do Not Crowd Pan. Add more peanut oil if necessary and ginger/garlic mince, add mushrooms remove after 1-2 minutes. Add remaining vegetables and Om stir fry sauce and cook 1 minute, add meat or seitan and toss thoureghly....serve with steamed brown rice
10 minutes actual cooking time,
the time required to make a stir fry is in the
shopping and chopping

Thai pork or tofu and eggplant with Thai basil
10 minutes 

Brown rice pilaf with beet greens or kale, walnuts, sultana raisins and red onion
10 min
Fresh cucumber, dill, grape tomatoes, 
garbanzos and Bulgarian feta
5 minutes

Fresh cucumber, dill, grape tomatoes,
garbanzosRed grapes, Mission fig, Tillamook cheddar,
multigrain bread ....a perfectly delicious and healthy snack in only 2 min
                                                                    Shrimp, asparagus, edamame, penne pasta and Parmigiano Reggiano.......excellent hot or cold
Glazed almonds, toasted coconut with dark chocolate ganache in filo cups
5 minute dessert