Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mushrooms as Medicine

Mushroom (maitake, shiitake,crimini) Walnut and Herb Terrine
Ultra yummy, holds for about a week, excellent meat substitute and if you have a family history of cancer this should be 

A diet high in walnuts may significantly decrease a person's risk of breast cancer
- Marshall University School of Medicine
.Mushrooms as medicine is going mainstream with recent research results showing maitake and
shiitakes anti-cancer, antiviral and immune-enhancing properties, maitake may also reduce blood 
pressure and blood sugar. A seven-year study funded by the National Institutes of Health of the use of turkey tail mushroom to boost immunity in women who had been treated for breast cancer. 

"...Turkey tail mushroom has been found to be 100 per cent effective in suppressing prostate tumour development in mice during early trials, new Queensland University of Technology...."

More Links on Mushrooms as medicine:
What single drug can benefit you by: 

1) supporting and strengthening your immune system
2) providing anti-inflammatory properties
3) providing anti-oxidant properties
4) restricting blood vessel growth feeding tumors ("anti-angiogenesis")
5) causing programmed cell death of cancer cells ("apoptosis")
6) providing antiviral effects
7) restricting the growth of pathogenic bacteria
8) assisting conventional anti-cancer drugs to work more effectively at lower doses


Mushrooms provide all these benefits, and they are not drugs. These are 'functional foods' and/or 'dietary ingredients,' which help support the immune system on a fundamental, multi-factorial level. Nature is a numbers game. We need all the support we can get as our immune systems and health are under assault from pollution, stress, contaminated food and age-related diseases as our lifespans increase.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Om Chef Prep kit and Ready Made A La Carte dishes 9/19-9/23

Om Chef Prep Kit 
Please watch for Updates on Sunday at 2Pm and Wednesday at 2PM after farmers markets.
Kit Menu

EZ Om Cooking With Om Chef Prep kits

Om Cooking 
The simplest, plant based one dish meals using your Om Prep kit ingredients:
 Mega mixed salads: start with 4 or more veggies,  add herbs, beans, nuts and seeds and a splash of Om vinaigrette or a squeeze of lemon. Whole grains also work very well in a salad and are very tasty cold, unlike stripped grains such as white rice.
 Wraps : spread a little avocado, hummus or olive oil on selected wrap, layer with a variety of veggies, beans and herbs. A wrap can be made with a multigrain tortilla, lavash, collard green leaf, softened rice paper, nori (seaweed). Almost any mix of chopped veggies, a few beans or lentils and fresh herbs is fab. 
Avocado is especially good with short grain brown rice,  cucumber and a splash of rice vinegar in a nori or multigrain wrap.
Not all wraps need be savory, try sweet potato with chopped dates, cinnamon, cardamom and nuts with lavash or multigrain tortilla, or chopped fruit in a rice paper wrap. 
• The Bowl:  this is any whole grain with slow cooked beans or legumes and topped with raw and/or cooked veggies and herbs of your choice. Add an Om fresh sauce such as Thai Peanut, Hummus, or Pico de Gallo, Mango Chutney, Raita, Pesto, Asian Scallion or a just simple squeeze of citrus and a little salt and pepper. Soy is fine, but please remember it is liquid salt and Om's recommendation is to minimize use of soy sauces and switch to the  low sodium. Bottled sauces and dressings of all kinds are notoriously high in sodium, sugars,  fat and preservatives, and should be avoided

Friday, September 16, 2011

Om Prep Kit Cooking September 12-16

A few simple non-recipes using this weeks Om Chef Prep kits
• Black bean bowl: Combine warmed black beans and brown rice with raw shredded cabbage, broccoli or other veggies and spinach, add Om pico de gallo and/or cilantro. Or skip the brown rice and serve with handmade corn tortillas
•Black Bean and Broccoli Stir Fried Brown Rice: saute chopped onion with brown rice add a handful of black beans and heat through, add broccoli and any other desired veggies, cook 1-2 minutes
•Black Bean Corn Salad: black beans, corn, tomatoes (and any veggies), onion, pumpkin seed
•Black bean sweet potato salad: black beans, sweet potato and a splash of olive oil
•Garbanzo and Cauliflower with Polenta: saute onion 1-2 minutes or longer, add cauliflower (and any other veggies) warm through and serve on warmed or pan fried polenta
•Garbanzo, brown rice, broccoli, and Cauliflower with walnuts, and mint, drizzle with olive oil
•Polenta with Grilled Veggies: no need to fire up the grill...turn your broiler on to high adjust rack to top position and drizzle olive oil and salt and pepper on veggies of your choice, broil 3-8 minutes, serve with polenta
Wraps and pita bread, add any mix of chopped veggies and herbs, a little bit of everything makes for an excellent wrap or pita, adding hummus or guacamole is fab as well
Salads as a Meal....add fresh herbs and nuts for extra flavor
pics and more of Cooking Om Chef Prep Kit

Cucumber and tomatoes with dill...... a simple but classic salad

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Adopt the Plant Based Diet, Dr. Michael Greger

Choosing to eat vegetarian can be fun and easy! You've decided that the "whys" of a plant-based diet make sense, and now you need the "hows." Dr. Michael Greger gives a lively and entertaining multimedia presentation packed with practical advice on how to eat vegetarian or vegan, from meal planning to nutrition to the personal and social aspects of making the transition. Whether it${q}s for you, your loved ones, the animals, or the Earth, Dr. Greger shows how vegetarian living is now easier than ever.

Michael Greger, MD is a nationally recognized speaker on a number of important public health and social justice issues. He has been invited to lecture at countless universities, medical schools, and conferences around the world, including the Conference on World Affairs. He is a general practitioner specializing in clinical nutrition and a founding member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. He is author of Carbophobia: The Scary Truth Behind America${q}s Low Carb Craze and the upcoming Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching? Dr. Greger is a graduate of the Cornell University School of Agriculture and the Tufts University School of Medicine

Filming and editing by Dr William Harris M.D. on December 9, 2006 at McCoy Pavilion, Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu, Hawaii
Sponsored by: Vegetarian Society of Hawaii

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wrap for Health

 So easy with Om Chef Prep!

Begin with a whole grain or whole wheat flat bread such as lavash, tortilla, or pita....or a collard green lead, softened rice paper or lettuce leaf

add a drizzle of olive or nut oil and begin arranging an assortment of chopped veggies, leafy greens such as kale or spinach, avocado and/or hummus, add fruit such as tomato or mango, a handful of seeds such as sunflower, chia or pumpkin, fresh herbs such as basil, dill or cilantro, finish with sea salt, black pepper and/or chili flakes...and roll into a tidy, healthy salad in a wrap  
Shown: Spinach, purple potato (cholesterol lowering super food), white bean hummus, green zebra tomatoes, shredded carrot, purple cabbage, avocado, Early Girl tomato,

protect your yummy creation from drying out by wrapping in parchment, wax paper or plastic wrap.
keeps for several days in the fridge

Shown: Spinach, white bean hummus with basil, walnut, shredded carrot, shredded red cabbage, red onion

Dr. Michael Greger, The Latest in Nutrition

Dr. Greger introduces an engaging new interactive quiz show format that lets us test our nutrition knowledge with some surprising outcomes. He has scoured the world${q}s scholarly literature on human nutrition and developed this brand new talk of the latest in cutting edge research. Focusing on studies published just over the last year in peer reviewed scientific nutrition journals, he offers practical advice on how best to feed ourselves and our families to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease.

A founding member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Michael Greger, M.D., is a physician, author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues. He has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the International Bird Flu Summit, the National Institutes of Health, testified before Congress, and was invited as an expert witness in the defense of Oprah Winfrey in the infamous "meat defamation" trial. He is a graduate of Cornell University School of Agriculture and Tufts University School of Medicine. Currently, Dr. Greger serves as the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at The Humane Society of the United States.

Filming and editing by Dr William Harris M.D. on April 21, 2009 at Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse, Honolulu, Hawaii
Sponsored by: Vegetarian Society of Hawaii