Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fast and Fab Salads in Minutes

All ingredients are in your Om Chef Prep kit                                                                                  *****
Om's Chef Salads
salad as a meal!
Om Chef One: Organic Purple potatoes, slow cooked kidney beans, persian cucumber, gold carrots, marinated artichokes, California walnuts, grape-tomatoes, gold bell pepper,  and Israeli Feta cheese, Gaita oil cured olives and pickled red onion on a bed of Kenter Canyon farms mixed baby greens...a twist of fresh lemon is all that's needed to dress a perfectly composed salad
Fabulous, healthy salads in under 5 minutes when you have the Om Culinary kits in your fridge

 Om Chef Two: Lotus root, steamed shrimp, asparagus, edamame, farro, watermelon radish and gold carrots on a bed of baby Kenter farms baby spinach and mixed greens

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