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EZ Om Cooking With Om Chef Prep kits

Om Cooking 
The simplest, plant based one dish meals using your Om Prep kit ingredients:
 Mega mixed salads: start with 4 or more veggies,  add herbs, beans, nuts and seeds and a splash of Om vinaigrette or a squeeze of lemon. Whole grains also work very well in a salad and are very tasty cold, unlike stripped grains such as white rice.
 Wraps : spread a little avocado, hummus or olive oil on selected wrap, layer with a variety of veggies, beans and herbs. A wrap can be made with a multigrain tortilla, lavash, collard green leaf, softened rice paper, nori (seaweed). Almost any mix of chopped veggies, a few beans or lentils and fresh herbs is fab. 
Avocado is especially good with short grain brown rice,  cucumber and a splash of rice vinegar in a nori or multigrain wrap.
Not all wraps need be savory, try sweet potato with chopped dates, cinnamon, cardamom and nuts with lavash or multigrain tortilla, or chopped fruit in a rice paper wrap. 
• The Bowl:  this is any whole grain with slow cooked beans or legumes and topped with raw and/or cooked veggies and herbs of your choice. Add an Om fresh sauce such as Thai Peanut, Hummus, or Pico de Gallo, Mango Chutney, Raita, Pesto, Asian Scallion or a just simple squeeze of citrus and a little salt and pepper. Soy is fine, but please remember it is liquid salt and Om's recommendation is to minimize use of soy sauces and switch to the  low sodium. Bottled sauces and dressings of all kinds are notoriously high in sodium, sugars,  fat and preservatives, and should be avoided

Two classic and easy bowls: 
1)Arroz con Frijoles de la Olla:  heat short grain brown rice, add hot black beans, top with baby spinach (heat from beans will wilt the spinach), add shredded raw purple cabbage, avocado and Om's Pico de Gallo... 
2)Pilaf: Warm brown Basmati, add peas, edamame or chickpeas, plenty of fresh mint or cilantro, dried cranberries or raisins and  chopped nuts and/or seeds, while rice is hot add a handful of chopped greens such as spinach (heat from rice will wilt the greens but not over cook them), and finish with a squeeze of citrus....yum!

Flavoring Agents: Spices and fresh herbs are an important component of Om cooking and can not only instantly change a dish from blah to wow, but have amazing health benefits as well.  Fresh herbs should be used liberally, spices should be used in smaller amounts as they can be very potent. Experiment with different mixes and keep notes of your favorites, extra herbs and spices are always available for your kit...
Beans are great mashed with a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper and fresh herbs for an instant hummus, great in wraps or as a veggie dip.
Om fresh sauces (each kit includes two), fresh herbs or a squeeze of lemon or lime is excellent on warmed veggies or whole grains.

Additional Om fresh sauces such as Thai Peanut, Hummus, or Pico de Gallo, Mole Poblano, assorted Chutneys, assorted Cranberry and fruit, Raita, Lemon Tahini, Gremolata, Pestos, Asian Scallion, Asian Black Bean are available on Om A La Carte menu. 

Break the rules! If you have a recipe that calls for brown rice, try it with quinoa, spelt or any whole grain.  
A recipe that calls for spinach would also work with most any other green as well. Red beans can take the place of kidney beans, black beans in place of white beans and edamame is an easy lima bean sub. Om cooking is about using what's fresh and at hand, and feeling free to make your own adjustments to a recipe, or even make up your own recipe!
The Om Chef blog for Enlightened Omnivores provides dozens of simple and quick dishes with pictures using ingredients found in your kit.
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Click here for Om Cooking recipes and pics using Om Chef Prep kits

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