Friday, April 15, 2011

One Secret Shared by All Great Chefs

Great Meals Come From Great Prep

Behind every great Chef is hours of shopping for the freshest ingredients from the best farmers markets, fish markets, cheese shops and bakers.  More hours are spent cleaning and cutting down the produce, some of the produce will be par-cooked, grains will be steamed, beans will be sorted soaked and cooked, meats and poultry will be cleaned and some marinated with some going on the grill, and all ingredients will be made ready for use in a variety of recipes.
This is how a chef makes a great meal, and now, you can too
Om Chef does the prep for you. 

Below are some of the items in recent culinary kits:

Below are some of the items in recent culinary kits:

Grilled chicken
Grilled fish ( Tilapia, Sole, Salmon)
Roasted beets (shown with dill and Bulgarian feta)
Steamed purple and fingerling potatoes
Green beans sauteed with garlic and baby bellas
Peas and asparagus with purple carrots
delicata squash
Enlightened Pasta salad
 Grilled Japanes eggplant
Steamed black, brown and red rice
Falafel, hummus, Greek yogurt sauce,
Om freshly squeezed juices

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