Saturday, February 12, 2011

Menu 2-14 2-19

Mixed greens and veggie salad
pear-raspberry-pecan crisp
Banana-pecan bake

Chicken Roulade with sausage, spinach and pistachio
Port and raspberry reduction
Roasted carrots, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, bliss potatoes
(V) Gardener's pie
Mixed baby greens salad with dried cranberry, fig, pecan and nutty sherry vinaigrette

Valentines day Sweet: Berry stained pear crumble with fresh, Om made vanilla ice cream
For best results please gently reheat crumble and serve warm with freshly made Om ice cream

Tuna salad wrap
(D)Tuna salad on a bed of mixed greens
Enlightened potato salad

Green Chili Pork soft tacos
(V)Green Chili Tempeh soft tacaos
slow cooked black beans
Toppers: guacamole, enlightened sour cream, cheese, baby spinach, purple cabbage,
fresh salsa


Stuffed chicken with Rosemary Polenta
Balsamic roasted Brussels Sprouts


Pease porridge hot,
Pease porridge cold,
Pease porridge in the pot
Nine days old.

Swedish split pea soup with ham
(V)Swedish split pea soup with veggie kielbasa
  soup toppers: fresh Bulgarian Feta,
  fresh dill and mint, Greek yogurt, spicy red pepper sauce
Om corn bread: walnut, carrot and low sugar cornbread
Enlightened coleslaw with nigella seeds

Sofia Wrap
Fuji apple

Enlightened Pink Lady apple turnover

10 grain hot cereal with flax and poppy seed, pecan and dried cranberry
Ruby grapefruit
Greek yogurt
Lite sausage

Oz & Om green drink (samples)

Green curry Salmon banana leaf bundles
Green curry shrimp banana leaf bundle
Place unopened bundle on baking sheet and bake at 350 for 12 minutes. Allow bundle to rest 2-3 minutes before opening.  Shrimp bundle should be baked for 7-8 min.  
Lemon grass glazed rainbow carrots
Pineapple infused brown and black forbidden rice with edamame
Om peanut sauce & Om extra spicy peanut sauce

Om Cobb Salad: Romaine, mixed baby greens, cherry tomatoes, Boars Head bacon, smoked turkey breast, ham, hard boiled egg, pickled red onion,
Om made creamy blue cheese dressing with Rosenborg Danish blue cheese

Breakfast: HB egg, lite sausage links, fresh spinach, Ruby red grapefruit

Oz /Om green drink
Oz / Om mega green drink: all the greens plus Greek yogurt

All Om dishes are prepared with little or no salt and sugar. Please add salt and sweeteners to taste, or try the dish with a little lemon in place of salt,  and allow your taste buds a few weeks to adjust to less salt and sugar. 
Reheating may be done on the stove top, in the oven or microwave. Please reheat gently and avoid overheating. Begin by removing meal from refrigeration 20-30 minutes before you begin to reheat

In consideration of the environment Om is consolidating containers for couples, please let me know if this is a problem for you. Clear plastic containers should not be placed in microwave but are dishwasher safe making them very reuse friendly....and I do encourage you to please reuse them ;) 
Om preference would be to have everyone receiving meals in glass Pyrex containers that would be reused indefinitely, but that did not prove to be practical-as some of you may remember.  Suggestions on packaging are greatly appreciated.

Three cheese enchiladas
 Sonoma Habanero jack, cheddar, pannela
Green Mexican rice
slow cooked black beans
Broccoli and Red pepper saute

Om Mega Chopped Salad
La Scala dressing

Chicken with Cannellini beans and sage

Miso soup

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