Monday, December 13, 2010

The Kochhaus, a Brilliant Concept from Berlin!

New York Times
BERLIN — A small store opened last month in the Schöneberg district here that appears to be unique in the world. The Kochhaus, or “house of cooking,” occupies a renovated one-story, 1950s building at the intersection of two important streets, Hauptstrasse and Akazienstrasse. “Was it a restaurant? A delicatessen? A cooking school? Only when they came inside did they realize it was none of these things.”.....
The Kochhaus is in fact a food store that encourages people to cook well for themselves by streamlining the usual steps necessary between the idea of a meal and its realization. It offers incentive, ingredients and advice, but in a new format.
Each of the 20-odd tables at the Kochhaus is devoted to a single recipe — there are three starters, two salads, one soup, four pasta or vegetable dishes, three fish and four meat main courses, and three desserts. Each table and its adjacent cooler provide everything needed to make a specific dish, and an artfully designed poster mounted on each table shows photographs of ingredients and the finished product. A folded recipe, a kind of illustrated storyboard for cooking, comes with the more at NYT

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