Monday, June 15, 2009

Sai Sai Sushi, Downtown Los Angeles

Sai Sai

More than just exceptional sushi, Sai Sai offers up inspiring Asian fusion at its best.
Too beautiful to eat Bento boxes are a Downtown lunch hour favorite,

Shrimp Tempura is best enjoyed as a single perfect piece, eating more than one dulls the palate

Shown: traditional sushi platter

Sai Sai real claim to fame is its innovative and unique flavor and texture combinations

Cherry, orange, lychee
Sai Sai also infuses it's own shochu with seasonal fresh fruits.
The luscious mixtures are lovingly displayed along the back wall doubling as art
Sai Sai

Sai Sai : located in the sumptuous Biltmore Millennium
Reservations: 213 624 1100
Manager: Jan Hovmoeller ext. 1666
Chef : David Bartnes

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