Monday, June 15, 2009

Om Chef Enlightened Eggs Benedict

Yes! you can have little extravagance without killing yourselfEliminating the Canadian Bacon, no butter on English muffins, no added butter to poached eggs, replacing extra large eggs with the dainty small egg,
adding salad and fruit as sides, and absolutely not scrimping on the Hollandaise, is an example of controlled, but delicious indulgence. The star of eggs Benedict is the Hollandaise. Don't scrimp on the star, and for gods sake don't substitute with fake ingredients...please ;)
Save the egg whites for penance breakfast scramble the following morning, or freeze in a ziplock for up to 4mos.

There is no reason to be intimidated by Hollandaise, it is a simple emulsion of egg yolks, butter (traditionally clarified), lemon juice or vinegar and a flavor agent such as herbs . It can be made over a campfire, all it requires is your complete attention......but only for a few minutes.....commit to that, and it will be great! This a an excellent meditation, and practice of mindfulness...become one with your art

This is a Master recipe that can be practiced and fine tuned very inexpensively, and becomes Bernaise by replacing wine vinegar for the lemon and the addition of Tarragon, or Zabaglione by replacing lemon juice with Marsala or Proseco and adding sugar.....or Lemon Curd by adding sugar and increasing the lemon, and many more

below is an eggceptionaly easy version of how to make a Hollandaise

Play it safe, skip the salmonela, and use
Safe Eggs, Pasturized eggs from Davidson's

Eggs may also be home pasturized, Danilo Alfaro's How To

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Tony said...

Please be careful, it can be dangerous to try and pasteurize eggs yourself. When you buy store bought pasteurized eggs, they are eggs that have been professionally pasteurized and intermittently checked for a nearly non existent bacteria level (99.9%).

There are many variables that you can't control when trying to do this at home with a the power of the microwave, the lack of sterilization, the inability to perfectly time the process, etc.

Just wouldn't want to see anyone try this and think they are safe, then get salmonella poisoning. If you are anywhere close to a store that sells pasteurized shell eggs, I suggest you just get them there to be safe.