Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Green Tea Basmati Pilaf : Menu Week of March 25, 2012

Week of March 25, 2012

Ingredients used in all Om cooking are farm fresh, local/organic and chosen based on nutrient density and health benefits- these are natures super foods. 
(CRN) Five Spice Quinoa bowl with chicken and veggies   2-3 serv
(VEG) Five Spice Quinoa bowl with  veggies 2-3 serv
(V) Spring Pilaf, Green tea brown basmati with spring veggies 2-3 serv

Om Soups
Lemony Greek Chicken soup
Chicken and Egg Noodle soup
Spring Vegetable soup
Black bean soup

Om Sides, Salads & Snacks
For those transitioning to a vegan plant based diet simply combining a few of these dishes and possibly an Om sauce or dip will make a complete meal. Beans are slow cooked with kombu and herbs to add minerals and aid digestion
Om Saffron Brown Basmati Biryani with peas, almonds, herbs. 
Dino Kale salad....
Om Moroccan Raw Carrot salad (carrots, apples, nuts, spices, fresh/dried fruits,)........
Tarragon Chicken Free Salad ....

Om Breads, Dressings, Dips, Spreads
Om sprouted grain focaccia with herbs..
Chickpea Hummus....
Cilantro-mint chutney..
Om Apple Butter....(with flu fighting star anise).

Om Breakfast/ Brunch
Om multi grain hot cereal with flax and sunflower seed, nuts, fruit.
(spectacular with Om fruit butter)
Greek yogurt (0% fat)  fresh fruit and blackberry honey.

Om Sweets
Om pecan-sprouted multigrain cookie dough....
Om dark chocolate and California Walnut multigrain cookie dough..
(Om cookie dough may be stored in the freezer for 90 days or refrigerate 4-6 days. Bake fresh as needed, 350ยบ 10 min)
Apple, walnut and beet sprouted grain and quinoa bread date sweetened with a hint  of blood orange
Banana pecan sprouted grain and quinoa bread date sweetened .

Tummy Tonic Tea concentrate with licorice and ginger- proven to enhance the effectiveness of anti-nausea medications

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