Friday, April 16, 2010

Herb Roasted Japanese Eggplant, Fennel, and Carrot

Vegetables love to be roasted!
All that fabulously fresh farmers market produce can be simply dressed in olive oil, whole garlic cloves, plenty of fresh herbs and roasted in a hot oven (450) for an awesome dinner tonight, and two or three more meals over the next several days.

After roasting, cool and refrigerate in sealed containers, ideally glass. 
Roasted veggies turn simple mixed leaf lettuce in to a gourmet salad, sandwiched between artisan slices of bread with a few slices of chesses and grilled creates a superior hot sandwich,  or  gently rewarm the veggies and serve with a cooked whole grain such as kasha (buckwheat), brown rice or quinoa

Veggies shown here are from the 7th and Fig Farmers Market in downtown Los Angeles. Thursdays from 10-3

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