Sunday, June 13, 2010

L.A. Funghi, the Magic of Mushrooms

Porcini, Chanterelle Morels, Wood Ear, 
Blue Foot, Black Trumpet, Shiitake,  St.George, or Butter Bolete...............L.A. Funghi's got them!

Chef Dirk Hermann developed his passion for food and madness for mushrooms as a young boy growing up in the Bavarian Alps. Dirk's parents where restauranters who frequently traded with wild mushroom hunters for meals, and the light to dark, sweet to bitter, famous Bavarian beers. Dirk continued this tradition as a chef and restaurant owner in his homeland as well as the US. 

Dirk is known as the 'L.A. Funghi', and his remarkable assortment of mushrooms can be found at the Sunday Hollywood Farmers Market, and other local farmers markets.....
For LA Funghi locations, recipes and the medicinal qualities of mushrooms go to Dirk's site
One of the simplest mushroom techniques of all, stuffed...
..and they can be stuffed with most anything.
 Above is a simple mix of walnuts, spinach, basil, mushroom stems, and feta cheese, 
and quickly broiled for 10-15 minutes. 

'Kinda Like a Chef' blog has an ultra simple recipe for olive oil fried mushrooms using L.A. Funghi's mixed mushroom basket here

Love mushrooms? Love beer?   Check out wild mushroom hunter and home brewer, Damon's 'Life with Beer' blog, for   Chanterelle Belgium Ale

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Thanks Om Chef editorial team for this wonderful post! Keep up the great work - Nina from the LA FungHi Team