Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Om Carrot, Pink Lentil, and Pistachio, Mint Salad

Pink lentils have a delicate flavor, and cook in 5-7 minutes, as opposed to the stronger flavored, longer cooking (40ish minutes) green lentils.  Do not boil pink lentils, a medium simmer, and not overcooking preserves the shape.  While the lentils cook shred carrots, Eastern purple, and yellow carrot mixed with the the traditional, Western orange carrots are fab in this salad, chop plenty of fresh mint, or basil as shown, or combine cilantro and mint,allow lentils to cool, add pistachios, chopped mint, combine with carrots, and toss with vinaigrette...enjoy!

this is also the beginning of an excellent veggie burger

Citrus vinaigrette: equal parts citrus juice, orange in particular, Extra virgin olive oil, and fresh mint, or basil, minced fresh ginger.

Carrots of many colors 

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