Monday, November 23, 2009

Om New England Boiled dinner

Corned beef brisket, shown  with parsnips, carrots, red potatoes, kale and cabbage, is the classic New England Boiled dinner.
The Om star is the hearty mix of root vegetables, kale and parsley boiled in the brine, with or without the brisket, until melting soft, and the flavors thoroughly comingled.
Rutabega, parsnips,  purple carrots, and pink and gold potatoes, or most any root vegetable (no beets) is also excellent! 

The brisket can be discarded or served in small amounts as an accent to the vegetables, a little horseradish or grainy mustard is a fab condiment.
Brisket will reabsorb some of the broth during overnight refrigeration making it more compressed, and sliceable.
 Leftover vegetables, and/or brisket, is excellent for sandwiches, use lightly toasted whole grain bread, such as La Brea multi grain, and for traditional English style, add thinly sliced pickled beets, or hot with plenty of onions for a toastie.

The classic Reuben calls for hot corned beef with Viagra rival, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese on Rye bread,  all grilled to crisp and delicious sauerkraut handy? Try a little Kimchi for a Korean style Reuben, yum!  Om Reuben is kimchi or saurkraut with swiss, and make the beef a special treat for Fido...

"Corned" refers to the large grains, or 'corns', of rock salt used to preserve beef. St. Patrick's day Corned Beef and cabbage is an Irish American dish, slab bacon is the traditional meat of choice in Ireland with beef being reserved for royalty.
 In the late 1800's Irish immigrants in New York found culinary inspiration from their Jewish neighbors,  delicious and affordable, beef brisket provided the perfect substitute for Irish bacon.  Does this make brisket 'jewish bacon'?

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